The TherRex Balance Board

It works smart so you can get back to working hard.


The TherRex™ Balance Board isn’t your traditional balance board trainer. By utilizing a football shape, the TherRex Board was created to allow complete range of motion across all planes. Competing balance boards utilize a hemispherical shape on the bottom, therefore treating all directions of balance the same.

The shape of the TherRex Balance Board also allows the user to exercise their ankles in the positions which ankle sprains occur, activating the target muscles up to 100 percent of maximal muscle contraction. If the ankle can be strengthened in this position, injury can be prevented in the future.

Surrounding the base of the board are two pairs of handles that make it easy to use the board in the seated and prone positions. Each pair of handles corresponds to a different arc of the football shape, thus allowing for exercises to be performed at two different intensities.

Mounting and dismounting the board is made easy with stops designed with a flat edge to increase stability. In the seated and prone positions, these stops also make sure the board makes contact with the ground before your fingers do, to avoid pinch points.

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