“The TherRex balance board is excellent for functional based movements that can be used to train high level athletes all the way to the geriatric population.” -Heather B. PT, MPT, FAFS

“This balance board is by far the best I’ve seen in the clinic. This definitely exceeds the other products in terms of achieving the best quality of function for patients.” -Nadia D. PT, DPT

“This is like a BOSU ball, but better and safer. I like the handle features and edges under the board to protect fingers. It’s a great tool for functional strength and balance exercises.” -Jessica S. PT, MPT

“I have used the BOSU ball in the past and felt so much safer on this board. Definitely will be using it when performing strength and balance exercises.” -Laura S. RN

“I had a high ankle sprain for several months. I used this balance board and I’m cured!” -Kim C. PT, DPT

“Love this product as a safer way of practicing balance through ankle stability and strengthening through range of motion.” -Andrzej K. PT, MPT

“The TherRex board is innovative, dynamic, and would be a great addition in all outpatient physical therapy clinics. This unique design combines the function of the wobble board, rocker board, and bosu all in one. It is a great tool to challenge athletes but also enhance balance in elderly patients. It has flat stopping edges that make it easier and safer to get on and off. I think it would be a great tool for neuro re-education across many patient populations and is better than the current balance boards in outpatient clinics today.”-Ashley C. PT, DPT

I’ve always preferred running to strength training and struggled to incorporate it in my workouts. When I had my baby, I wasn’t allowed to run at first and since then, also don’t have the time or the childcare to go out for a run most of the time. Having the TherRex Board in my basement has revolutionized my workout plan and helped me regain the shape and tone that I had pre-pregnancy. Since getting the board, I have been able to find little moments when my baby is sleeping to fit in my work out. With this regimen, I’ve been able to regain the confidence I once had in my body and am better able to be there for and take care of my baby.
-Nora F.

You can really tell that a lot of dedication to research of ankle and lower body mechanics went into designing this balance board. It’s not your run-of-the-mill wobble board where you are limited to a single “teeter-totter motion”. Instead, you can really feel it challenging your lower body in functional planes. Stepping on is a breeze and you don’t necessarily feel the need to hold onto anything with the edges having a flat point made for this. I also love that you can hold it in a neutral grip for plank and push-up positioned exercise without the risk of crushing fingers on the edges. As a physical therapist it’s GREAT for personal or patient/client use! Will definitely be using for years to come! And I mean YEARS because it’s made from a thick plastic material and unlike the wood wobble/balance boards that wear down or screws come loose over time, this thing is sturdy and built to last! Also, love that it’s made in the USA and that you can support a veteran-made product! Bailey B. PT, DPT