1 – Mounting/dismounting

Place your dominant foot in the designated area and start to load weight through this foot. The flat edge stop should be in full contact with the ground prior to the user’s weight being fully loaded or unloaded through the board. When comfortable, place the opposite foot in it’s designated area and attain equal weight bearing through each foot. Use the external assistance of a spotter until proficiency is achieved.

2 – Standing posture

When standing on the TherRex™ board, maintain slightly bent knees. Standing fully erect with knees locked will raise your center of gravity and decrease ability to maintain your balance. Keep your back straight with your head up, and do not look down at your feet.



3 – Handles

When using the handles in the prone, plank, or seated positions, place hands through the handles and rest palms on platform of the board. Do not place hands over outside edge of the TherRex™ board.




4 – Progression

Always begin with the easiest exercise modification before progressing to more challenging ones. Utilize the assistance of a spotter until proficiency is achieved.