Joint Pain Causes

  While joint pain can be caused by a number of factors, the most common is Osteoarthritis (OA). OA affects approximately 10% of the population and is the most common joint disorder in several countries. Joint pain from OA is primarily caused by mechanical stress, which deteriorates the article cartilage of joints. As the bones…read more

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump: The Shockwave Method

  What is Plyometric Training? Plyometric training began in Russia and was first introduced by a well-known track and field coach, Verkhoshanski, referred to it then as shock training or jump training. Many years later in 1975 Fred Wilt, a Purdue women’s track coach, was credited with coining the term Plyometrics. The word is derived…read more

Tennis Elbow Recovery

  Symptoms of Tennis Elbow Due to the complex structure of the elbow, it is one joint that is most susceptible to injury. Repetitive movement of the joint and overload of the muscle causes micro-damage and results in degenerative changes. Tennis elbow (TE) is characterized by pain and tenderness over the elbow, specifically the lateral…read more

Postpartum Exercise Plan

  “Mommy tummy” isn’t a flattering term to describe the physique of new mothers and it hasn’t gained the positive mentality of the “Dad Bod.” It’s no secret that many mothers have difficulty regaining their pre-pregnancy figure. Although there are many barriers to performing mommy tummy postpartum exercises and eating right, there may be one…read more

How to Unlock Tight Hip Flexors

  In strength and conditioning for sports performance the hip flexors are historically one of the most ignored muscle groups. As sports grow increasingly competitive, focus has remained on muscles that are responsible for propelling the body forward; like the quads, hamstrings, and calves do in running and jumping. It is only recently that the…read more

Snowboard Workout

Snowboard Workout TherRex Snowboard Training is as close as you can get to the real thing, on a balance board. This snowboard workout is tailored for snowboarders to train in the offseason. It includes snowboarding balance exercises designed to mimic snowboard movements and also isolate target muscles. Go for time and try to do each…read more