therrex balance board

The TherRex™ Name

“Ther” pronounced as in “therapeutic” and “Rex” together, TherRex. The name originates from a physical therapy industry term “TherEx,” or therapeutic exercise. We adjusted the end to “Rex,” which is Latin for “king”–fitting as we strive to make the best therapeutic exercise equipment in the industry.

Not Just A Product

Most fitness products start with an idea, and the inventor searches for applications to use the product. What sets the TherRex Balance Board apart, is that we recognized problems with current balance boards and developed the TherRex Board: a superior product that addresses the very problems we observed.  Each feature of the TherRex Balance Board was meticulously created through the application of a doctoral-level education in Physical Therapy and research from peer-reviewed articles. In addition to this, the product went through multiple, rigorous phases of prototyping before it was allowed to be put into your hands and under your feet.

Made In The USA

Like many industries eager to cut costs and boost profit margins, fitness equipment companies are shipping production and jobs overseas. At TherRex Innovations, we are committed to supporting US-based manufacturing and the sustainability of our country’s valuable human resources. Our products are made right here on American soil. So, not only do we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and competitive pricing, but we also genuinely know the people involved in the process.

therrex balance board in action

Veteran-Owned Business

TherRex Innovations is a veteran-owned business.  

Green, Environmentally-Conscious Manufacturing

We make products intended to promote health, wellness and an overall better quality of life. So, it only makes sense that how our products are made is as important to us as how they are used once in your hands. We only utilize manufacturing processes that use renewable resources, recycling and the elimination of toxins that harm the environment.

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